Update Regarding Progress In Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Brain-Computer Interfacing

June 5, 2019
Michael Gruenfeld

Subject: Report and update regarding progress in brain-computer interfacing Description: Brain-Computer interfacing sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it is already used to treat many severe human maladies, including epilepsy, paralysis, deafness, Parkinson’s disease, and others, and treatments entail inserting wires and sensors into brains of living patients. Research now underway, and planned, aims not only to relieve suffering but also to develop computer-brain interfaces to link the human brain to artificial intelligence (AI) equipped computers for the purpose of providing access, through thought alone, to all of human knowledge that is stored in the internet/cloud. On-going and planned research, that is well funded and being carried out by large numbers of scientists and engineers at three major research institutions, will be discussed.

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Mike Gruenfeld’s Bio: Mike spent most of his childhood in the British protectorate of Palestine, and then in Israel after it declared its independence. He arrived in the US at age 13, and resided in New York City. After completing High School and College, and marrying Holly, the family (now four) moved to a lovely town in New Jersey. Mike worked as an analytical chemist, managed an environmental research laboratory, supervised chemists and engineers, chaired committees of the American Society For Testing and Materials (ASTM), published scientific papers, and provided technical seminars at scientific conferences.