Membership Enrollment

All who are inclined to follow secular humanism’s tenets and beliefs, who believe in reason, responsibility, and cooperation are eligible to join our organization. We are an education and social organization which hopes to enrich the lives and fellowship of its members and guests.

Our Monthly Lecture Series and our semi-weekly Wednesday Lunches are open to all without membership. However, to participate in a Special Interest Group, you must be a paid member of HUSBAY. Yearly Membership Dues are $40.00 per person, $80.00 per couple. Your dues helps support Humanism and Humanist causes. 

Membership dues are $40 per person. To pay by check, mail dues to HUSBAY, P.O. Box 52989, Sarasota, FL 34232

We invite members to become a “Friend of HUSBAY” with your individual donation:
$25 to $49
$50 to $99
$100 to $199
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