Two recently published scientific articles

January 4, 2017
Mike Gruenfeld and Bob Rosnsky

A discussion of two recently published scientific articles. One article describes exciting new research for treating and often curing some forms of cancer, with cures of other forms of cancer to follow. The second article describes the rediscovery of a quick way for treating and often curing sufferers of post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and sufferers of severe depression.

Bob Rosnsky was up next. Below is a summary of his talk, “Evolution, Characteristics, and Abilities of the Domestic Dog.”

Over the past few decades, research in the hard and soft sciences reveal dogs are capable of higher level thinking. Of course, data input is a crucial aspect of cognition and behavior. Due to time constraints, Bob limited his talk to an overview of the domestic dogs’ world as processed through sensation and perception. Presumably, this will offer insights as to why dogs behave as they do.