The Russian Empire and Its Emperor

April 20, 2022
Name Withheld at the request of the presenter.

Synopsis: The Third World War started in 2008. Did you notice?

The all-out war in Ukraine now is just another step in the Third World Warfare that Putin actually started in 2008. Now, it became obvious to a bit more people around the world. 

It does look crazy in the 21 century, if one lives in the comfort of western societies, yet it is the reality…It is warfare between two ways of life – two types of society: one is autocratic and quickly moving to dictatorship now, another – so-called democratic with more freedom of election, with a more independent court, and “free” press, etc. That “Free World” needs again leaders like Harry Truman, and Margaret Thatcher to face the reality and act! 

He invited candid questions during/after his presentation.