Some differences and similarities in the cultures of India and the United States

February 19, 2020
Mona Khalid

Synopsis: There are many definitions of culture and what it encompasses. For the purposes of this presentation she touched on the topics of language, religion and food, with a focus on education, family structure and civic responsibility. She discussed some of the cultural differences and similarities between Indian and American (USA) culture. Mona immigrated from India to the US in 1978. Some of the cultural difference she encountered when she moved have been blurred by globalization, the internet and travel but many have survived.

Mona’s presentation was eloquently delivered and the reaction from the audience showed their appreciation.

Mona Kahlid’s Bio: Mona Khalid, MPH, MBA – Mona is an independent healthcare consultant with more than 15 years of experience in health services research, specializing in health management program evaluation, healthcare analytics and reporting as well as opportunity assessment and evaluation of personalized medicine initiatives.

She provides evaluation strategies and methodology for assessing the impact of various clinical programs. She also analyzes large data-bases to describe drug spending patterns, and forecast drug cost trends. Her clients include Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Community Health Organizations and Academic institutions.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Mona worked for a large pharmacy benefits manager where she led analytic teams and Enterprise initiatives related to the access, management and insightful analysis of claims data for 65+ million members across the United States.