Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

March 9, 2022
Karen Koenig

Synopsis: 8 Reasons People Ignore and Defy COVID-19 Safeguards

In the words of our speaker: 
“I’ve been a proud Husbay member since shortly after my husband and I moved here from Boston in 2005. For 30+ years, I’ve been a clinical social worker specializing in binge and emotional eating and I’m the author of 8 books and dozens of articles on eating, weight, and body image. This is my second time presenting at Husbay.

Details: An article she wrote for in 2020 entitled “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death: 8 Reasons People Ignore and Defy COVID-19 Safeguards” is the basis for this talk. She broadens it to explain why people make irrational decisions which work against their own self interest. Her presentation will be on the brief side and she welcome discussion!