Current strengths and weaknesses of the provision of health care in Canada

April 4, 2018
Susan Silva-Wayne and Jack Wayne

Description: Susan Silva-Wayne and Jack Wayne will lead a discussion on the current strengths and weaknesses of the provision of health care in Canada. They will outline the workings of the Canadian Health Care system, its benefits to the residents and the gaps in service needing to be addressed. Some anecdotal material will be included. 

Susan Silva-Wayne’s Bio: Susan earned her BA degree (SUNY Binghamton), MSW (University of Michigan) and Ph.D. (Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario). As a social worker, therapist, social work educator and book editor, she has developed special interests in the areas of Child and Family Life, Child Welfare, Women’s Studies, Domestic Violence and Human Sexuality. She has experienced her own health challenges and learned about those of many others in New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and England as well as in Canada.

Jack Wayne’s Bio: Jack was born in Canada. His first full-time job involved giving motivational talks to inmates of Ontario’s Mental Health Hospitals. Unfortunately, the provincial government in the mid-1960s declared all Ontario residents to be sane and Jack found himself unemployed. He went back to school and was awarded a Ph.D. in Sociology.

Dr. Wayne was a professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto for over 30 years. After the third decade Jack realized that his academic career wasn’t working out. He declared his students to be fully educated and turned his attention to textbook publishing. 

His firm, Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc., is now the leading Canadian-owned textbook publisher in Canada. It enjoyed remarkable growth after Jack sold the company in 2008. Dr. Wayne is a Past-President of the Association of Canadian Publishers. Jack is now a fine art photographer. He is a member of the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts in Toronto. In 2018 his major new exhibit, Masculine and Feminine, will open at the Propeller Gallery in Toronto June 20th, 2018.