Bad Science

May 13, 2020
Professor, Jack Wayne

Synopsis: 1. We are currently (2020) in a pandemic that has caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and threatens millions.

22 people joined in for this Zoom meeting, the best turnout so far.

2. In much of human history political life has been characterized by beliefs that legitimized witch hunts, slavery, inquisitions and holocausts as methods of solving threatening situations. These beliefs—irrational, romantic, uncompromising—often lead to mob action.

3. Many of us see the necessity for good science, involving Double Blind experiments and/or proven techniques of statistical analysis, as a path to rational understanding of causality and finding our way out of a crisis. 

4. Some fall back on an irrational approach, gloss it over with science-like words, and thereby benefit themselves in many ways. This is bad science.

5. Bad science has a number of flaws and I’ll reveal some of them Wed. May 13 at 1:15 on Zoom.

You can download a PDF covering Jack’s presentation by clicking on this link.