Anti Natalism

June 3, 2020
Dan Dana

Synopsis: On a global scale, what is the balance between pain and pleasure as experienced by sentient creatures, including humans? If you think the total amount of pleasure exceeds pain, you are a natalist — “life is good.” If you think pain exceeds pleasure, then you are an antinatalist –” Life is not good.”

Dan examined this issue as an abstract philosophical question, as well as a practical matter that guides our own individual life-choices. Come prepared to question one of humanity’s most enduring assumptions. To prime your pump for this discussion, read these haiku quintets (click on a link to read the haiku):”On Antinatalism” Is life good? I mean, really, is life good?
“Chicxulub Asteroid Impact” Our lucky day?
“Thin Silver Lining” End of young life may not be all bad.

Click here for Dan’s Presentation Notes