Abortion in the USA – Do You Know the Facts?

August 1, 2018
Dale Anderson

Dale Anderson, who has previuosly spoken at HUSBAY, presented:
“Abortion in the USA – Do You Know the Facts?” (Current Statistics, Practices, and Trends). 

Brief Synopsis: Abortion in the United States has, and continues to be one of the most divisive political issues our nation faces. With the recent changes in membership of the Supreme Court, the issue is likely to again be front and center in our political debates. So, what do you know about abortion? In this presentation, Dr. Dale Anderson will provide an overview of the women who seek medical and surgical abortions and the methods of abortion used in the USA.

Dale’s Bio:· Born and raised in Crete, Nebraska · Undergraduate – Northwestern University (Evanston) · Medical School – Northwestern University Med School (Downtown Campus) · Internship – Cook County Hospital (Internal Medicine) · Residency – Norfolk General Hospital (Norfolk Va.) · Internal Medicine Practice – McFarland Clinic, Ames Ia. (15 years) · MBA – Iowa State University · CEO – McFarland Clinic (5 years) · Senior VP/ Exec Medical Director – Presbyterian Health System, Albuquerque, NM (7 years) · President Ohio Health Medical Foundation – Columbus, Ohio (2 years) · Managing Director, BDC Advisors – Miami, Fla. (5 years)