Robert Magill

After Rutgers Business School I launched into the business world by starting a fishing camp in Ship Bottom, NJ. So much for higher ed. Later as part of the Cool Jazz era I played stand -up bass with various groups around the country. 

I quit life on the road just in time to meet and marry Mary Providence (Magill) who was a dancer with the Charles Weidman Company in New York City. She continued dance and then branched into acting at the Bucks County (Pa.) Playhouse.

We settled into country life nearby, and raised three sons. We became active in the Youth Hostel world and subsequently opened and operated a hostel in Perry, Florida and then another in Key West. Mary was on stage in Key West and we both wrote for the stage and screen. I had several short stories and a novel “Michael’s Cut” ( and we made the first plunge into films with “The Lift”, a made for TV short feature.

We discontinued filmmaking after having completed many documentaries and narratives in the past decade. Having attempted an Eco-Village in British Columbia, we are more or less staying put in Sarasota. My first e-book ‘ 52(count ’em)52 ‘is due for publication on May 10, 2013.

Bob’s latest work is “The Purpose of Life …is Life, amen.

The sole purpose of life, and therefore our only human purpose may simply be, life itself. That, upon reflection, would appear to be quite enough. The life force does have its urges though, lots of them, it would appear. After countless eons of self-replication along came sexual reproduction, life had apparently gotten to be in somewhat more of a hurry. Life then pursued bigger and better forms of itself as mobility, size, vision etc. ensued over time. 

Bob has published two books. Michael’s Cut is a novel (in print format) published in 1994. It is currently available on Amazon, using this link (or click in the cover).


Hipster Michael Workman scrutinizes the seedy jazz and rythm-and blues clubs from ocean to ocean and around the world in search of those illusive icons of the all-American dream: love and happiness. Chompsky-esque tirades lurk amongst the rip-offs and rewards that climax this newest entry in that particularly American literary sub-genre called the Novel of the Road.

Bob wrote 52 (Count ‘Em) 52 in 2014. It’s available on Amazon as a Kindle version for only $.99. Just click on the cover and get yourself a bargain.


Provocative collection of status quo challenges to just about everything we take for granted including our history, mores, polity and assumptions about the future. Unflattering remarks claiming the English language is wimpy. New discoveries in anthropology suggest your ggg grandfather was a Neanderthal. What to do with your money that may be the worst idea ever; then again, maybe not. Noam Chomsky explains why we are the most fundamentalist society on the planet. Worse than the Taliban! A Maui cult as future-shock.