The Challenges That Come with Recycling

Monday, August 5, 2019
Brian Usher

Speaker: Brian Usher, Solid Waste Collections Manager of Sarasota County Public Utilities
Synopsis: The last of our summer lecture series focused on recycling and related issues in Sarasota County and most likely globally and the US. 

We were fortunate to have Brian Usher, Solid Waste Collections Manager of Sarasota County Public Utilities as our guest speaker. Mr. Usher has more that 25 years of experience in the waste industry including waste collections, hazardous materials management and environmental engineering. As the Solid Waste Collections Manager, Brian serves the community by administering the solid waste collection, recycling, hazardous waste, litter prevention and education programs.

He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from St. Andrews College in North Carolina and holds the professional certifications of Manger of Solid Waste Collections and Integrated Solid Waste Systems from the Solid Waste Association of North America. 

Mr. Usher addressed how recycling is progressing in our county and throughout our country. This presentation was more than just about what goes in those blue and red bins, though those issues will certainly be part of his presentation. (That info is available on the Sarasota County website.) “What will happen with all this plastic we keep using and throwing away,” a member emailed me. “Some areas in our country can no longer find a way to recycle it.” I am sure many of you have watched the debris pulled from our oceans and experience the piles and piles of plastic and other waste overwhelming other countries. The evening proved to be interesting and enlightening. 

There’s an important article on this subject which you can download by clicking here.