Ingrid Cardozo

(Writes Under the Pseudonym,Ingrid Goeller)

Ingred has published her memoir about surviving Nazi Germany and hardship in the US. She has also produced a children’s book. See below and click on the covers for additional information.

Overcoming and Adapting:
How I survived Nazi Germany and Hardship in America

This memoir is the story of a young girl who survived Nazi Germany and emigrated to the U.S. with her mother in 1950. Rather than finding her dream of becoming a star in Hollywood, she found hardship and was forced to work in a plant nursery at age 15. Married at 16, Ingrid’s husband took her to live in a trailer in the woods of North Florida. There was no electricity or running water.

Fuzzy Takes Flight

It’s a story about a catepillar that had just one wish.