Hats Off to HUSBAY

Karen Koenig: When we moved here from Boston, knowing no one, Husbay saved the day. It gave us a strong sense of community with like-minded people who enjoy intellectual stimulation as well as having fun. We’d be lost without Husbay.

Barry Zack: My wife Joanne and I were members of a Humanist group in New Jersey. We were quite pleased to learn that a group expressing similar values would be here for us to join. And are we glad we did.


Click here to read the bylaws that were approved by our board in April 2016. Please note: The bylaws are currently being reviewed by the Board and any suggested revisions will be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting of members.

Our Board of Directors

(Effective: August 2022)

President Emeritus: Noel Smith (now deceased – see below)
President: David Helgager
Treasurer: Holly Downing
VP and Webmaster: Barry Zack
Newsletter: Robert Lasalle
Secretary: Phillip Frankel

Other Board Members

Donna Gannon