Dr. Jack Wayne

Jack Wayne was born during the Great Depression, just one of the depressions from which his family suffered. He spent his childhood in Windsor, Ontario and, after four years at the University of Toronto and two more at the University of Michigan, plunged into the world of work.

His employment as a rehabilitation worker for a sheltered workshop provided public speaking opportunities at Ontario psychiatric hospitals and he developed an ability to communicate with residents of the back wards. 

Jack then completed his Ph.D. in Sociology and began a thirty-year career as a university professor, using his new skills to talk with colleagues and lecture to students.

Prof. Wayne taught at the University of Toronto with a two-year secondment to the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and a year as Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge. His research and publications were on diverse subjects: Urban Networks, colonialism and social transformation in Africa, Imperialism, Social Welfare, and the Family. His contributions to the university community included ten years as Director of the Transitional Year Programme, an access program that brought minority and working class students to U of T and supported their learning. Jack also served as Advisor to the university President on anti-racist initiatives and as Vice-President, Salary and Benefits, of the Faculty Association, bringing economic justice to poor, underpaid professors.

After retirement he turned his attention to Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc., a publishing company that developed textbooks for the post-secondary market. CSPI was founded by Jack in 1985 and sold in 2008. In 2010 he established Three O’Clock Press, a company that focuses on literary works, and its subsidiary Memoirs Publications, a self-publishing company. Jack served as President of the Association of Canadian Publishers and continues to be involved in the Canadian publishing community. 

Jack and his wife Susan are seasonal and intermittent residents of Sarasota. They developed Humanist values in utero and live most of the year in a country where Humanism is the default perspective for many. HUSBAY is a very welcome extension of these experiences. It provides a warm and continuing connection in a non-snowy environment with fine people who share many of their perspectives. Jack led the former Philosophy Special Interest Group at HUSBAY. 

Jack Wayne spends a good deal of his time behind a camera. This has resulted in a great volume of work, many of which are shown at his presentations. Much of this can be revealed by clicking on this link. Below are some examples. Jack can also be found on our Who’s Who page. Should you wish to reach him, his email address is jack.wayne@canadianscholars.ca

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