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Life's Memories and Experiences

Next Meeting: Not yet decided

Please contact Barry Zack if you wish to participate or share an idea for this group. His email address:

Last Meeting: August 4, 2021(via Zoom)

Subject: Sharing Life’s Turning Points

Presenter: Dan Dana

Description: This session consisted of attendees’ sharing responses to this stem question: “Other than your parents and family of origin, what person/event/experience has been the most formative influence on your life?”

Those who contributed gave a short (5-minutes) answer, which in some cases stimulated Q&A and discussion. We had thirty responses from our erudite audience.

Dan Dana lead off, and with Barry's assistance facilitated the session.

Previous Meeting: June 2, 2021

Subject: "Dachau"

Presenter: Bonnie Friedman

Synopsis: Bonnie, whose father was among the liberators of Dachau, has created a powerful presentation combining the controversial and little known story of the liberation of the camp with her father's war experience. Using PowerPoint images and her own narration, she weaves together a moving presentation of Dachau: A Family Story of Love, Loss and Heroism.

Previous Session: April 21, 2021

Speaker: Jack Davis

Subject: Plantation Culture in the Deep South

Synopsis:  Jack described his experiences in the early 1960s when he stumbled across a continuation of plantation culture in a remote location in the deep south.

The painful experience touched off a lifelong process of raising his consciousness of race and racism.

An open discussion followed.

Past Session: October 30, 2019

Speaker(s): Ernie Kinnie and Michael Gruenfeld

Subject(s): Ernie has many life experiences. He revealed some at this session. Michael completed the one he began at his previous appearance.

Both presenters did a magnificent job in revealing their histories. The large audience was hightly appreciative.

Details: Held on the rare occassions when there are 5 Wednesdays in a single month. (Note: We occasionally add an extra presentation that is not on the Fifth Wednesday).

This is where our members appear before the group and describe some of their life's memorable experiences and events.

This is followed by a question and answer period.

Where: Via ZOOM until further notice.

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