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Next Session (May 27, 2020)

This will be our second meeting using the Zoom format.
When the COVID-19 restrictions are finally lifted, we hope to return to the live format.
Session Facilitator: Barry Zack (Topics)

Meetings begin at about 1:15pm, ending by around 2:45.

Our hats off to Jacqui Kinnie for her many years of service,
helping to make Current Affairs one of HUSBAY's most popular luncheon groups.
(Just one of her many contributions to HUSBAY. - We miss you, Jacqui.)



Topics for the May. 27, 2020 Virtual Meeting:

This session's facilitator (Barry Zack) has proposed three topics:

1. Why have people-of-color suffered the most from the COVID pandemic?

2. Will Joe Biden learn to keep his mouth shut on racially sensitive issues?

3. Is Trump's insistence that houses of worship re-open another example of his not being in touch with reality? And can he (constitutionally) override governors' decisions not to do so?

Note: These topics may change based on the current news cycle.

In addition to the facilitator's suggestions, you can propose your own at the meeting, or e-mail Barry with your suggestions. Topics getting the most votes will be discussed first. -Note: You can vote for any or all topics.

For upcoming dates, click here.

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2020 Facilitator Schedule

We need volunteers!


January 22: David Helgager July 22: Your Name Here?
February 26: Barry Zack August 26: Your Name Here?
March 25: Your Name Here? (cancelled) September 23: Your Name Here?
April 29: Barry Zack October 28: Your Name Here?
May 27: Barry Zack November 25: Your Name Here?
June 24: Your Name Here? December 23: Your Name Here?

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2019 Facilitator Schedule


January 23: Barry Zack July 24: Barry Zack
February 27: Dave Helgaher August 28: Barry Zack
March 27: Barry Zack September 25: Barry Zack
April 24: Barry Zack October 23: Barry Zack
May 22: Barry Zack November 27: Barry Zack
June 26: Barry Zack December. 25: No Meeting

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