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Current Affairs Discussion Group

(Via Zoom Format until August 2021)

Current Affairs Reasers

Next Session: August 25th

Suggested topics will be posted by
the weekend before the event date.

Last Session (July 28, 2021)

Topics proposed by the facilitator:

1. Why are Republican leaders finally pushing for people to become vaccinated?

2. Do the extreme weather conditions, experienced throughout the world,
make climate action inevitable? And why has so little been done up until now?

3. What is the possibility that Rowe v Wade will be repealed, especially if the GOP takes over Congress?

If you have topics you would like to submit,
you can email them to the facilitator, or suggest them at the meeting.
The attendees will vote for which ones to discuss first.

This meeting will be using the Zoom format.
When the COVID-19 restrictions are finally lifted, we hope to return to the live format.

Session Facilitator: Barry Zack

Meetings begin at about 1:15pm, ending by around 3:00.

Our hats off to Jacqui Kinnie for her many years of service,
helping to make Current Affairs one of HUSBAY's most popular Special Interest groups.
(Just one of her many contributions to HUSBAY. - We miss you, Jacqui.)

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