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Thoughts of the Day Discussion Group

(Held at the Super Buffet
5471 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota, FL 34232
Normally on the 1st Wednesday of Each Month)

Current Affairs Reasers

Next Session: Nov. 1, 2023(12:00pm)

Meetings begin after we've digested our lunches.

The faciitator has proposed four topics:

1- Can democratic nations and totalitarian ones peacefully coexist?
2- Is retirement by the old a net benefit or deficit for society?
3- To what degree do cultural influences during childhood establish a person's basic identify throughout life?
4- Is Islam compatible with Western culture?

Session Facilitator: Mike Gruenfeld

Meetings begin at about 1:15pm, ending by around 3:00.

Note: Non-members are permitted to attend only two sessions.
For return visits, you must become a HUSBAY member.

Please consider our host restaurant. If you attend our meetings,
order food, in exchange for their graciously giving us the room.

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