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Current Affairs Discussion Group

(Held at the New Dynasty Chinese Buffet
on the 4th Wednesday of Each Month)
6131 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231 (Map)

Current Affairs Reasers

Next Session

October 24, 2018: Session Facilitator: David Helgager (Details)

Meetings begin at about 1:20 (following lunch*), ending by around 3pm.

Barry Zack is the current leader of this group, and seeks volunteers to
facilitate future sessions, beginning with the June 2018 sessions.
If interested, click here.

Our hats off to Jacqui Kinnie for her many years of service,
helping to make Current Affairs one of HUSBAY's most popular luncheon groups.
(Just one of her many contributions to HUSBAY.- We'll miss you, Jacqui.)

Note: Non-members are permitted to attend only one session.
For a return visit, you must become a HUSBAY member.

Please consider our host restaurant. If you attend our meetings,
order food, in exchange for their graciously giving us the room.

Please click Here to see the list of the facilitators that have signed up for future sessions.



Topics for our next Meeting:

Note: We are back to the single monthly Current Affairs sessions.
We meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month.
Our next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 24th.

Barry Zack, the leader of this group is looking for voulnteers to facilitate future sessions.

Dave Helgager has volunteered to facilitate our October meeting. He has suggested three topics, which appear below:

1. What is your opinion regarding the handling by the leadership of Saudi Arabia and the US of the Khashoggi murder?

2. With the mid terms upon us, give those of us present your views briefly of what you feel will be the outcome and why?

3. Can Florida put a black man in the Governor's office? Why or why not?

Note: These topics may change based on the current news cycle.

In addition to the facilitator's suggestions, you can propose your own at the meeting.

New Feature

Near the conclusion of each meeting, attendees are encouraged to do a one-minute rant. Participants are discouraged from ranting about their family members.

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Interested in discussing other subjects at future meetings? Please propose those at the commencement of the meeting, and your topic will be voted upon by attendees along with those of the facilitator.

Facilitators Wanted!

This group can only remain successful with your help. Please let Barry know if you would be willing to lead a group meeting. Below is a list of dates and volunteers. Many vacancies for 2018. Barry's E-mail


2018 Facilitator Schedule


Jan. 24: Jacqui Kinnie Jul 25: Jacqui Kinnie
Feb. 28: Barry Zack Aug. 8: Barry Zack
Mar. 28: Barry Zack Aug. 22 Barry Zack
Aprl. 25: Jacqui Kinnie Sep. 12: Barry Zack
May 23: Barry Zack Oct. 24: David Helgager
June 13: Dave Helgager Nov. 14: Your Name Here?
Jun 27: Jacqui Kinnie Dec. 12: Your Name here?
Jul 11: Barry Zack


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