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(updated Oct.10, 2016)

Caring Committee - Judy Helgager: jlhelgager@comcast.net
Current Events Discussion- Barry Zack: barryzed@gmail.com
Film Group -Jacqui Kinnie: kinniej1@comcast.net
Free Writers - Meigs Glidewell: mg@glidewell.net
HUSBAY General Information - Dave Helgager (President): dbhelgager@comcast.net
Lecture Series - Dave Helgager (President): dbhelgager@comcast.net
Lunch Programs Coordinator- Open: Your email address here?
Newsletter Editor - Jacqui Kinnie: kinniej1@comcast.net
Non-Fiction Reading Review - Michael Gruenfeld: mikeg2h@hotmail.com
Science, Technology & Medicin Discussion - Michael Gruenfeld: mikeg2h@hotmail.com
Secretary - Sandra Zellick: sandie34293@gmail.com
Treasurer - Chuck Smith: csmith9869@aol.com
Webmaster - Barry Zack (Vice President): barryzed@gmail.com

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