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    Charles Darwin
      We are a nonprofit corporation created to foster a  community of freethinkers, dedicated to improving the human condition through rational inquiry, creative thinking, and appropriate action.

    Happening this coming Wednesday
    (March 27th) at the New Dynasty

    On the 4th Wednesday of each month, we present our 'Current Affairs' session; and there's always a current affair to discuss. Please note the new starting time of 1:15pm.
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    Our Goals


    Click here to read the bylaws that were approved by our board in April 2016. Please note: The bylaws are currently being reviewed by the Board and any suggested revisions will be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting of members.

    Our Board of Directors

    (Effective: Sept. 2018)

    President Emeritus: Noel Smith
    President: David Helgager
    Treasurer: Chuck Smith
    VP : Barry Zack
    Secretary: Sandra Zellick

    At Large

    Baerbel Kavanaugh
    Gale Midwood
    Donald Slate

    2019 Annual Membership Meeting

    Roscamp Center Map Icon

    When: Monday, April 1st - Gathering at 6:30pm. Meeting begins at 7:00pm.

    Where: Center for Arts and Humanity (same location as the lectures) 1226 N. Tamiami Trail.

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    1. Call to order, President's Comments and Thanks to Volunteers

    2. Secretary's Report

    3. Treasurer's Report & Budget 2019-2020

    4. Presentation of revisions to bylaws, discussion and vote
        (Revisions proposed to follow)

    5. Election of Board Members

    6. Comments and Suggestions from Members

    7. Adjournment

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    Our 2018 Meeting

    Among the many items on the agenda was the award presented to HUSBAY's founder, Noel Smith. This included free life-time membership. It was the least we could do for all the work Noel has done for HUSBAY. The meeting minutes can be read here.

    Noel accepting award
    Noel Accepting the award from HUSBAY President, Dave Helgagger

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    Our 2017 Meeting

    Board members elected at the annual meeting: Dave Helgager, President and Don Slate and Gale Midwood, at large members. We had no secretary at the time of the election. Later Sandie Zellick agreed to serve again and was approved by the Board for another term. Your Board for 2017-18 is Dave Helgager, President, Barry Zack, VP, Chuck Smith Treasurer, Sandie Zellick, Secretary, Don Slate and Gale Midwood, at large members. Zack, Smith and Barb Kavanaugh are completing their two year terms and were not up for election.

    HUSBAY Board 2017
    Missing from the photo is our newest board member,
    Gale Midwood. - Someone had to take the picture.

    Barb Kavanaugh was unable to attend.

    Minutes to be posted.

    Our 2016 Meeting

    Board members present:

    Chuck Smith, Baerbel Kavanaugh, Don Slate, David Callahan, Sandra Zellick, plus 35 members and one guest.

    To read the minutes for the 2016 annual membership meeting, please click on this link.

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    The Previous Board Lunches
    with Humanists of Florida Leader

    Husbay Scholarship Program

    Humanists of Sarasota Bay, Inc., a 120 member non-profit 501c(3) organization, is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating high school senior who will be attending college in the fall of 2017.

    This scholarship is open to public school students in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. We will award one scholarship to the student who subscribes to the tenets of Humanism (definition included on application form), and, who writes the best essay about how Humanism shapes and defines her/his life.

    The qualifying student must meet several other qualifications also noted on the enclosed application form. Please inform your senior class of this opportunity. The deadline for receipt of all submissions is May 15, 2017. Additional copies of the application form can be printed from the link below.

    We look forward to receiving essays from your students. Sincerely,

    The Board, Humanists of Sarasota Bay

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    Enrollment Rules

    Note: Deadline for entry was May 15, 2017

    The winner of the 2017 Scholarship is Jonathan Greenstein, a 19 year-old graduate of Pine View School. He will be attending Florida State Unversity this fall as an honors student.

    Below - Top: Jonathan Greenstein receives HUSBAYs scholarship check for our President, as it appeared in the Sarasota Tribune.

    Below - Bottom: Jonathan, his mother, and several HUSBAY Board members, enjoing lunch at Marina Jacks.

    Jonathan Receives Scholarship Funds

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    Jonathan Receives Scholarship Funds

    HUSBAY Board Luncheon with Teresa MacBain

    Mouse over any face in this picture to identify it.

    HUSBAY and FHA Luncheon

    Teresa MacBain, former Executive Director of Humanists of Florida, recently met with the Board during a luncheon held in late June. Teresa updated the Board on the progress HFA is making in improving its membership and also the status of the annual conference slated for 2014. She also discussed the many issues affecting humanism in Florida.

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    Free Thought Cruise

    Pictured are Judy and David Helgager (HUSBAY President) and Hemant Mehta who attended the Freethought Cruise.

    Free Thought Cruise

    Hemant spoke on the subjects of why young people are leaving religion and what we can learn from it. He is the author of the book I Sold My Soul. Find out more about him on Wikipedia

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    HUSBAY Affiliations

    American Humanist Association
    Center for Inquiry
    Council for Secular Humanism
    Humanists of Florida
    Secular Coalition
    Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason

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    My Word

    This entry was submitted by Trudi Pearl

    A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg

    "nullifidian" PRONUNCIATION: (nuhl-uh-FID-ee-uhn)

    Loud Speaker<-Hear the pronouciation

    MEANING: noun: An atheist: a person who has no religious faith or belief in god(s). adjective: Having no faith or belief. ETYMOLOGY: From Latin nullus (no) + fides (faith). Earliest documented use: 1564. USAGE: “Riding a backlash against centuries of Puritanism and uptight strictures, we’ve turned nullifidian.” James Royson; On Casino Question, Let the People Decide; Toronto Star (Canada); Apr 23, 2013. “This [the Internet] is where like-minded folk of a nullifidian bent come together, as demonstrated by the extraordinary success of a campaign to raise money for Britain’s first atheist advertisements.” Jemima Lewis; Thank Heaven for a British Faith in Bet-Hedging; The Sunday Telegraph (London, UK); Oct 26, 2008.

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    Annual Carl Sagan Day Picnic (2019)

    Takes place on Sunday, April 7, 2019
    at Turtle Beach Pavilion

    Located at 8918 Midnite Pass Rd, Siesta Key, FL (See Map)

    Turtle Beach Map Location
    The fun begins at 4:00pm, and goes untill about 7:00pm (NOTE NEW TIME)

    HUSBAY will provide both baked and fried chicken for everyone. Members and guests must bring their own beverages and Ice if desired. Glass bottles are not permitted. Darwin will help with parking, but spaces are limited so an early arrival is recommended. Each family must bring a dish to share. Please contact Susan at 405-7071 or at with details of what you you want to bring. If your last name is in the 1st half of the alphabet bring a nice salad or something you enjoy preparing. 2nd half of alphabet-hors d’oeuvres or a dessert.

    Our thanks to Sue Tschesnok and Darwin Soder for their unselfish work in the picnic's preparation. Carl Sagan would be proud.


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    Scenes From our 2017 Picnic:

    Hope you were able to attend, but if you did not, here are some photos of our members
    enjoying a fine spring day at the Turtle Beach Pavilion. Our thanks to the efforts of Susan and
    Darwin for their time and energy putting it all together.
    HUSBAY Welcomes annual picnickers

    We didn't come for the food, but it was pretty good!
    (Above photos by Gale Midwood)

    The photos below are from amateur (very) photographer, Barry Zack

    pict1  pict21 pict21
    Above, Col 1: Meigs, Judy H, Barbara C, Dave H
    Col 2: Phil z, Meigs, Ursula L, Noel S.
    Col 3: Joanne G, Gisela*, Maxine M*, Jim C. *=New Members

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    pict1  pict1  pict21
    Above, Col 1: Judy K, Bud K, Phil Z, Karen O', Reid S, Russ G (New Member)
    Col 2: Jack W, Susan W, Winton (Welcome Canadians!)
    Col 3: Penny U, Winton (again), Mary M
    pict1  pict1  pict21
    Above, Col 1: Darwin and Sue T (Picnic Organizers), Bob M
    Col 2 (Bottom Table): Judy and Bud K, Rhonda L, Karen O', Reid S, Russ G
    Col 3: Gisela, Jim C, Penny U

    Up Arrow

    pict1  pict1  pict21
    Above, Col 1 (Foreground): Judy K, Karen O' (back of head)
    Col 2: Hollly G (back of head), Darwin S, Sue T, Bob M
    Col 3 (Foreground): Mary M, Holly G
    The Scene Behind the Scenes (photo by Gale Midwood)
    Those who ventured to the back of the Turtle Beach picnic area were treated to this.




    Scenes From our 2016 Picnic:

    Our thanks to Sandra Zellick for the fine photography

    Below: Important Members of HUSBAY (actually, we're all important)
    Left to Right: Darwin Soder (co-organizer), Noel Smith (Founding Member),
    Dave Helgagger with Scholarship Winner, Victoria Witner, Vienna Taylor
    Darwin Noel Dave and Victoria Vienna
    Up Arrow

    Judy Wysnewski and Barry Zack, Sharon Robinson and Karen O'Malia, Paul Tremmer  
    Judy & Barry Sharon and Kathryn Paul Tremmer

    Ursula Levy (foreground), Ernestine and Jack Kent, Bud Klein abd Karen Koenig
    Ursula and the Kents Bud & Karen

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    America's First Public Monument to Atheism

    First Atheists Monument
    June 28, 2013, Bradford County Florida: Following a lawsuit and more than a year of controversy, at noon on Saturday a group called the American Atheists will unveil the United States’ first public monument to atheism in a square outside the County courthouse in Starke, Florida, near Jacksonville. The five-foot-long, grey granite bench and connecting pillar, which were built and engraved by local masons using granite quarried in Georgia, will feature secular quotes from the Founding Fathers as well as a statement from the organization’s founder, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, encapsulating the 50-year-old group’s views: Read more:
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    From HUSBAY Caring Committee:

    As you know, HUSBAY has a weekly Wednesday lunch group at New Dynasty Restaurant in Sarasota.  After almost 10 years of meeting there, we have come to think of staff as friends and sometimes even family.  It is therefore, with sadness, that I must tell you of the death of the manager with the engaging smile, Andrew Tian, usually the first face we see at the entrance.

    On Sunday evening, July 14, he chased three men who fled the restaurant without paying and was attacked and beaten. He was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital where he lingered in critical condition until he died on Friday, July 19.  New Dynasty staff as well as customers like us and the community have been grieving his loss.  We have sent cards with member messages to the hospital and to New Dynasty staff.  At this time we are unaware of any after life or memorial service.  Many in HUSBAY wanted to memorialize Andrew.  The board has set up a memorial fund, to go towards his son's education. Thanks to those members who have contributed.

    Link to the story as covered by mysuncoast news.

    Up Arrow

    HUSBAY Past President Jacqui Kinnie
    Spoke at the Memorial Service

    Held at the UCC, 1 Sunday, July 28

    In Memory of Andrew Tian
    Andrew (Tian)

    Andrew, as we knew him, was a kind, generous and caring man with a ready smile and a warm greeting for all.

    For over ten years, he graciously hosted the lunch bunch at HUSBAY with joy and love. He knew each of us by name ... gave many of us hugs, asked about our lives and our children, and was always willing to change the setting for another meeting. We shall always remember him with a smile in our heart.

    With apologies to John Donne, the English poet of the 16th century:

    No Man is an Island entire of itself;

    Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main,

    Any man’s death diminishes us, because we are involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know

    For whom the bell tolls.

    It tolls for thee, Andrew ... we shall miss you.

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    From HUSBAY Caring Committee:

    We are saddened by the passing of member for many years, Jim Chastain. A message from Jim's son, Paul, appears below.

    Jim Chastain

    To paraphrase Bilbo Baggins –

    "Today is my 92nd birthday. Alas, 92 is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable people.

    "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. But I regret to announce — this is my Final Exit

    "I am going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye."

    I have had a full, happy life filled with interesting activities and friendly accomplished people. Thank you for the part you have played in making my life so good. HAVE FUN.

    Jim died peacefully at home with his family nearby on his 92nd birthday, March 5, 2018.

    A private memorial service will be held in Colorado this June.

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    HUSBAY 15th Anniversary Celebration

    HUSBAY Brochure


    President at Podium Noel Introduced Dave & Meigs Bob Phillipoff
    President Addresses the Crowd Musical Entertainment Meigs and Dave Hilgager Original Member, Bob Phillipoff
    Dan Speaks to HUSBAY Dave Schmoozing Listening Intently Group Picture
    New Member Dan Dana speaks Dave and Judith Collier Trudy, Ursula & Noel listen intently Karin G, Rhea, Jay and Mary C

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    Group Shot Group Shot Group Shot Party Cake
    Jack O, Penny, Ernie (hiding), Jack K Joanne, Barry, Meigs, Chuck and Joyce Mary, Bob and Barbara A HUSBAY Just Dessert
    Group Photo The Coes and Bob P Group Shot
    L-R: Penny, Jack O, Ernie, Jack K, Lois and Trudy Donna, David and Bob P Barbara, Marilyn and Dan
    Group Shot Group Shot Group Shot
    Dave, Judy and Sandie L-R: Marilyn, Dan, Chuck, Rhea, Mary, Bob & Barbara Ellie, Karen & Kieth
    Group Shot Group Shot Group Shot
    L-R: Rhea, Mary M, Bob M & Barbara Sandie, Roy & Judy W Len, Francis, Lou and Ellie

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    Group Shot Harbor View Bay View
    Judy W, Meigs, Ingrid and Judith C Harbor View from Marina Jack Sittin' on the dock of the bay

    Smaller Photos

    Dave & Noel Joyce P Ingrid & Judy H Trudy's Pup Bay View
    Introducing our
    Joyce P Ingrid & Judy H Trudy's dog asks,
    "We paid $25 for this?"
    View of the Bay

    Click here for a brief history of HUSBAY as read by founder Noel Smith at the event.

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